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Our purpose is to provide military (active duty and veteran) standard issue duffle bags to children in the foster care system.

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Often when a child enters the foster care system, a caseworker shows up with a couple of black garbage bags for the child to put all their possessions in. This child is often traumatized and is facing an unknown future. This is of no fault to the foster agency. The storing of suitcases isn’t possible.

Often Veterans have their boot camp issued duffle. Some called it a “seabag” or “ruck sack.” It was green and we could fit 70lbs of uniforms, civvies, and other important items. That bag was a constant for many of us veterans. Mine served often as a horrible pillow during those times, staged up in a hanger, waiting for the bird to take us away or even better to take us home.

What’s that bag doing for you now? What if your bag could provide a bit of stability to a child that is going to an unknown place, when all they really want is home? Would you send it to us? Would you donate to help get those bags from Veterans, who have already given so much, to a foster child who needs so much?

That is what we are doing. We want those duffles. We want to wash, fold, and give your bag to the foster agency, to pass on to a child. We also want your story, if you’re willing to share. Where did you go? What years? Perhaps an inspirational quote? We’d like to share the “bags” history, your history. Ultimately…we don’t ever want a child facing a battle to put their belongings in a trash bag. Will you help? Will you send us your bag? Will you donate to ship a veteran’s bag to us?

Bags For Courage in a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN :88-3692498


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Our Mission

BAGS FOR COURAGE‘s purpose is to provide military (active duty and veteran) standard issue duffle bags to children in the foster care system.

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March (Entire Month)

Exeter Chamber of Commerce is an official drop-off location for your duffle bags.

March Goals

Distribute Bags – 25 bags this month

Social Media – 100 Followers on each platform.

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